Sunday Edition #1

I always feel the pressure of the first post…

It’s been two weeks since I created my latest WordPress site, and I’ve been using nearly every minute of my spare time trying to make it both professional and personal.

It’s funny how as my journey into the public relations world has proceeded, I’ve become more in tune with how everything you write could open opportunities or discredit career prospects. I wanted to showcase my last blog before continuing to development this portfolio of ideas and evidence. At the time I was so proud of my 14 posts and each still give me inspiration even a year on.

Being my first post to begin this decade I thought it was apt to use this photo again as a homage to the millions on blogs that go by the way side as life takes centre stage…

The first image; a photo that I wanted to share as a starting point which really illustrates my own taste in art and photography and how I wanted to leave my first post of the new decade is this gorgeous, feminine photo captured by the amazing Bert Stein of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe saying “Here’s to You”