Summer’s Loving 2011

Wow I’ve been finished work and been back at home in Suffolk for two weeks… today feels like the first in which I’m completely free to relax, although as ever I have a long list of errands to do!

Firstly I’ve already had my first holiday of the year, nothing could beat a girlie trip to Ibiza in the beautiful Spanish sun, great nights, best company and yummy cocktails.  I want to post a little catch up before sharing a couple of well selected photos.

Also after 4 years my parents finally gave in and allowed me to have a spin in our Ruby red Lotus Elise… You’ll definitely be having a full account of my driving experience.

Of course the best finish to my second week and without a doubt my favourite subject (You’ll quickly realise it’s  my mastermind topic and a healthy obsession, I promise.) A long-awaited beautiful wedding, with my stunning little sister as bridesmaid!

For now here is my quick recap, just popping to make pancakes for breakfast… There not only for stove Tuesday!

Oh and a cheeky purchase of Photoshop, any tips and advice are welcomed!