The Need For Speed…

Shortly after getting my driving license, my parents decided that it was time to trade in the Ford Puma, for something a little more suitable and practical…

This isn’t what I expected to be in the drive, I’m sure they could have found a subtler way to tell me to get my own car!

Four years on, and finally I get the chance to experience the full power of the Lotus Elise S111 from behind the wheel. Wow I can’t believe I hadn’t persuaded them sooner.

Driving a sports car is so unlike my little Peugeot, and Ruby red glint from the bonnet is something I could easily get used to. Having Dad shouting instructions made me  hardly glimpse at the speedometer as I sped down the airfield. Feeling the bite in the turn before accelerating down the straight was heightened by Dad’s calls to ‘Go Faster’ I can ensure you it is normally the reverse.

Watching my Dad’s passion for cars whilst growing up I don’t think I have ever really appreciated the thrill from the smell of the exhaust, the buzz of the engine and the hours spent walking around car museums in France. The weight your body feels and the heavy drumming of your heart when you turn off the engine is an experience I’m not going to forget in a hurry!

Maybe next time can I have the roof off….. PLEASE!