I Propose

It’s the season for that bright warm wedding, but what season isn’t perfect for a wedding?

Working for the last year, to enable me to spend this summer (my last summer) to relax, enjoy, holiday and not lift a finger, has left me instead searching for something other then being a on-call taxi; I can’t stop myself finding little projects and work to kept me busy.

So I want to share a great wedding proposal , with one of my own!

Trying to get ahead before I start my final semesters of university, I’ve also been looking seriously on where I want to be in a years time. (Seeing many of my peers finding roles which allows them to continue the lifestyle they have come accustom to, without utilising their degree)

This brings me smoothly to a proposal and opportunity I will pursue…

I had a great time putting this pictorial covering letter together on Photoshop!