Inspiration part1

Here’s the first section of my inspiration board I wanted to share with you… Photography is really important to me so today I’m also adding my ‘photo of the week’ to my blog.

I fell head over heels with these beauty black and white photos; by the Henry Clark, as he uses the female body as an art form whilst ultimately being a renowned fashion photographer. The light and dark contrast makes the model’s couture nearly as impressive as their radiating femininity.


Balenciaga 1954

Henry Clarke was born in Los Angeles (Where I visited in August 2010) in 1917; son of Irish immigrates to California, like most budding photogarphers found it hard to get work in the consumerist environment. He travelled East and gain work at the Conda Nast Studio, where he experienced the changing face of post-war fashion photography.

Suzy Parker, Billowy Bow-tied coat by Pertegaz 1954

Quickly He became fascinated with photography moving away from growing trends, staying with the high elegance and whimsy approach. Knowing the importance of capturing the fast moving pace of the industry, small portable cameras was key. With his twin-lensed Rolleiflex camera and guidance from Alexey Brodovitch the fairy godfather of successful photographers, and with his own legendary reputation of the new photography, this was Clarke’s turning point.

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Combining the fantasy of fashion and the energy of photography Clarke’s career became when he decided against the culture tide and moved to Paris. Only elements of his American beginnings remained as he accepted commissions from French magazines.

By the Mid-fifties he was working exclusively for Vogue, his opinion that although fashion is extraordinary that it is only something we put on our backs and unlike other photographers emerging in this period, he never victimised woman showing their beauty at the forefront of his images.

Clarke creates swan like necks and playful seductive forms through the use of props, he shows the make-believe become inescapably real.

As always leaving the best till last, featured in Vogue 1954 this image is a truly wistful photograph capturing the elegance of the model but has that edge of New York glamour. The pose hides the models face in a way to create mystery; the fashion becomes second to the contrast in colour. Henry Clarke died on 2006 in Paris the city of couture.


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