Red Chilli, Electric Press

In the basement of the Electric Press I didn’t expected to find… a Chinese restaurant, ermm interesting!

The Red Chilli not to confused with the Red Hot World Buffet because they really are worlds a part! Even on a quite Monday night the Red Chilli, situated on the St George St corner, of the city centre Electric Press was busy with parties and people having a start of the week meal.

With traditional and usual dishes meant the Red Chilli menu had a real mix of classic Chinese meals with frog’s legs!? There was plenty to choose from and even slightly oddly named set menus… “First Date” “Courtship” and “True Love” which might create an uncomfortable start to a meal.

My flat mates and I ordered;

  • Fried Shredded pork with Red Chilli
  • Sizzling Beef Fillet with Black pepper Sauce
  • Shredded pork with Tea Tree Mushroom, Sliced Bamboo Shoots & Chopped Green & Red pepper Stew

Which all looked exceptional but the portion sizes were a little extreme, being bit much for us girls. Prices were a little more expensive then your standard Chinese and I’ve tasted better, but there was a friendly atmosphere.

Red Chilli has created a film worthy typical Chinese restaurant straight from Rush Hour, definitely worth the try!


One thought on “Red Chilli, Electric Press

  1. Red Chill is one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in the city centre. Mmm I will have to try what you’ve had the next time I visit the restaurant.

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