Broughton Hall Edwardian Garden Fete

Broughton Hall Edwardian Garden Fete

My Broughton Hall Sketch

Carers’ Resource works across Yorkshire provide specialist support and advice for carers, one of its offices is at Robert Tempest’s Edwardian Broughton Hall in Skipton, this has become the location for its annual fundraiser.

There is my proposed idea and research about the Edwardian Era and opportunities for activities for the June 4, 2011 CR Broughton Hall Event PR Plan

As there was an increase of interest in period dramas set in the 1900s the ‘Downton Abbey’ appeal became the main theme with the cast donating a signed photo which was showcased and auctioned raising vital funds for the charity.

Downton Abbey Signed Photo

Harrogate Advertiser May 27, 2011

An the event Carers’ Resource staff and volunteers worn Edwardian costumes, as visitors enjoying activities and were able to view the private walled gardens and grounds.

My Edwardian Photography

To accompany the news release I took the photographer illustrating the main attractions at the Carers Resource event .