Different PR Blog

Over my years placement at Different PR in was solely in charge of its corporate blog, I have come to grips with the applications. I understand how a wordpress site work and a blog  like this one, can be used to showcase projects, news developments within an organisation  and how having an expressive platform can lead topical discussion in a given industry.

I managed the site, producing the pages, links and writing the majority of its posts. Different PR offers undergraduate opportunities for students to experience a regional based PR agency. Allowing these young practitioners to contribute to a live blog,  gave both a guaranteed portfolio items and continued to build the readership of the site,  using social media to support  publicity for  each post.


Below are a selection of blog posts which demonstrate my conversational style of writing;

“Magnificent Seven” Client Wins For Different PR

Working With Fire!

Different PR Launches A Diploma With A Difference– This story offering placements students recognition for their time and work at Different PR it was featured on Behind the Spin

The Travel Blog

We’re in the Social Generation

It’s a Dog’s Life

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