Final Year Portfolio Item

Today instead of being in the sun, the Leeds Met media studio has got me imprisoned, or more specifically the university’s PhotoShop has got me hooked.

As I’m putting together my final year portfolio, I’m sharing just this one item, as the full 15 will be available on my accomplishment section once I’ve compiled all the best of my PR work over the last year.

Let me know what you think, the deadline is May 1, so plenty of time for improvements…

My new A3 portfolio has a arrived, so now its mouse clicking and paper gluing time!


Different PR

Think different… Be Different!

Well here marks the end of my block placement year at Different PR.

Experiencing a regional public relations agency in the heart of North Yorkshire, Different’s Harrogate office operates with instead of for its clients and its family approach is one which has been a real pleasure to be apart of.

Thanks to Directors’ David Simister and Richard Chew, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge, growing my ability and confidence which I will apply in my last academic year at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Having huge responsibility I’ve been involved with all its activity throughout the diverse industries and sectors it services. This has given me a well rounded platform to begin the next stage of my progression.

I can’t speak more highly of Different PR and feel honored to have spelt my year (feels like 5 minutes) with them.

It’s what makes us Different… makes us stand out!