Glorious recipes

I think we all try and eat healthy, but convenience and budget can play a huge part in determining what ends up on our plate at the end of the day.

With ‘Julie and Julia’ being the last film I watched before making the move to London, I’d considered doing my own mini challenge to cook Julia Child’s condensed thirty recipe version of Mastering The Art of French Cooking, for about 30 seconds when I turned to page 44 ‘Pate De Canard En Croute’ knowing that was maybe beyond my capabilities.

Finding the balance between nutritional, easy to cook and staying within my minuscule budget is one I think will be a new challenge in itself.

A favourite from my university diet that will be still a regular treat is a Glorious Soup. Being relative new to the fresh soup and sauce market, I expect Glorious Foods will become a household name in no time. With its mix of exotic ingredients and heart-warming recipes from across the globe, its bold flavours and beautifully designed packaging make both its meal and skinny soups a prime shelf contender in more and more supermarkets.

Personal favourite… check the new sauces too

Another fun feature on Glorious is its Recipe Wall, having spend hours on Pinterest searching and re-pinning gorgeous looking dishes, this wall brings tried and tested recipes from Glorious’ fans. Goat’s cheese, sweet potato and spinach mini pies are already being added to my weekly food plan.

I’m hoping to make the sharing of recipes a permanent fixture on my blog, but I think I’ll see how tonight’s mix of Mediterranean cous cous and mozzarella in a hollowed out red pepper goes first. I am hoping it’s at least edible.

Another resource that I regularly use for new dishes is BBC Good Food so I hope my boyfriend is ready for my take on some of its ‘Cheap and healthy recipes’ Lemon spaghetti with tuna and broccoli here we come…

Until next time!

Thanks @GloriousFood for our magnets, see we really are big fans!