Red Chilli, Electric Press

In the basement of the Electric Press I didn’t expected to find… a Chinese restaurant, ermm interesting!

The Red Chilli not to confused with the Red Hot World Buffet because they really are worlds a part! Even on a quite Monday night the Red Chilli, situated on the St George St corner, of the city centre Electric Press was busy with parties and people having a start of the week meal.

With traditional and usual dishes meant the Red Chilli menu had a real mix of classic Chinese meals with frog’s legs!? There was plenty to choose from and even slightly oddly named set menus… “First Date” “Courtship” and “True Love” which might create an uncomfortable start to a meal.

My flat mates and I ordered;

  • Fried Shredded pork with Red Chilli
  • Sizzling Beef Fillet with Black pepper Sauce
  • Shredded pork with Tea Tree Mushroom, Sliced Bamboo Shoots & Chopped Green & Red pepper Stew

Which all looked exceptional but the portion sizes were a little extreme, being bit much for us girls. Prices were a little more expensive then your standard Chinese and I’ve tasted better, but there was a friendly atmosphere.

Red Chilli has created a film worthy typical Chinese restaurant straight from Rush Hour, definitely worth the try!


The Girl in the Red Dress

Having just smashed the last assessment of the year, with our client communication audit going perfectly to plan, with thanks to a great dedicated team. World domination and job offers weren’t the only thing floating around in our Sparrow PR debrief. This opportunity to celebrate might have to wait until the final report has been submitted in January but an evening of drinks and cocktails at Leeds’ Sky Lounge is being promise and defiantly in our sights.

With Christmas around the corner and the countdown well and truly commenced, I wanted to share my Christmas evening with my gorgeous flat mates. Even with our busy schedules packed, we decided to get merry with some sophisticated fun at Leeds’ Electric Press.

Of course to begin every evening a full stomach is a must, but my review of the Red Chili Chinese will be posted a little later.

Luckily I had choice over Christmas party/night venues and with one swoop knocked two bars off the list of places I have wanted to visit in Leeds over the last four years, an obviously we dressed for the occasion, allowing me the chance to introduce ‘The Girl in the Red Dress”.

Firstly in the spirit of Christmas it had to be Champagne, the ultimate treat, one that only can be justified on a student budget in those special moments. Epernay, which opens into Electric Press’s beautiful courtyard heart, gave us such relaxed atmosphere and breathed an air of refinement, with bottles of crystal embellishing the intimate and stylish space.

Adorned with beautiful images the menu was probably my favourite aspect illustrating the extensive range of Champagne cocktails, which was extremely difficult to choose. A twist on the classic Tommy Margarita, anything associated with tequila and I’m there, was fresh and delicious!

A great bar for those in search for a hidden treasure, with full windows is ideal for people watching! Fantastic service and not so bank robbing prices, Epernay Champagne Bar is a must!

Next stop to top such a seamless evening was Aglassto, again within the Electric Press complex was surprisingly wonderful in the cozy and relaxed setting complimenting the original features of the Grade II listed Georgian house.

The staffs were amazing and the atmosphere so homely and unpretentious, the perfect location for wine lovers served in some incredible glassware.

A glass of superb red for ‘The Girl in the Red Dress”…

p.s. my first post from my stunning MacBook Pro xx

One Day…

Twenty years, Two people

Under strict orders, One Day is packed ready for a visit home and a delivery to the Mother (There is always something lovely about sharing stories with loved ones, literature is something that’s better discussed with friends)

Having gained huge popularity through the release of Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgees’ version, I thought I would not have time to read the David Nicholls novel before seeing the film. But the minute I unwrapped this Birthday present, it was a page turner that I couldn’t put down.

I truly connected with the inter-linking relationship of two best friends which with every chapter, the longing for them to finally be together grew. Meeting Dexter and Emma every St Swithin’s Day (July 15) gave the book a real element of uncertainty and surprise at each stage.

A beautiful story touching on issues which I hadn’t ever really read in such a sensitive way, the personal account of drink, drugs, loss and love. How true friendships can develop into the strongest of love, and its power to overcome all else.

One Day, has become my favourite book of the year, get yourself lost in the maze of emotions and expect that life sometimes doesn’t have those fairytale endings but embrace the beginnings that do.

V Festival 2011

This summer- as a final university girls send off- I had my first festival experience. Thankfully my ladies are camping experts and with the pot noodles in the backpacks, crates in our arms the coach to V Festival was only a short 5 hours.

4Music Stage

Along with great bands, incredible laughs, last minute tickets, sun and litres of cloudy lemonade (Honestly the best mixer) V was a real highlight of my year!

Recovering on the sofa I got a little carried away with the photo editing. I’ve been used this website have a play around, it gets addictive. These photos really depict my whole weekend…Enjoy!

❤ at V

Bubbly Biscuit Base

My Beautiful Ladies

The Magic Loungeabout

Set in the Skipton’s stunning Broughton Hall estate, The Magic Loungeabout delivered its ethos of a refined rewind to its growing popularity for a third year. As the sun shone over the most chilled out weekend (29,30 and 31 July). I had the opportunity to work with wedobars over the three day festival, helping them supply, manage and offer outstanding service expected of a fully stocked bar in the centre of a North Yorkshire field.

Broughton Hall Estate

I was surprised to find the camping facilities to be a great standard overlooking showground with hot running showers even by the third day, accommodating for its family friendly demographic. As the VIP tepee tents were providing “room service” not what I’m preparing for at next weekend’s V Festival the chance to do Glamping was evident.

Music Suitable For All Ages!

Being headlined on the Saturday and Sunday nights respectively by The Human League and Badly Drawn Out Boy. Visitors’ experience the beautiful surroundings amongst the 2,500 attendees having the ability to enjoying the wide range of acts on the main stage, speakers and try the quirky elements at each owns pace.

Camping in the Forest

I ❤ Ed Sherran

A huge highlight for me was seeing Ed Sheeran perform on the Sunday afternoon with an intimate audience. The up and coming local Suffolk star, has been playing across the UK over the festival season, with he’s latest “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” track sure to surpass his debut success.

The Magic Loungeabout when beyond expectations, working a festival is defiantly something I would love to do in the future. With a big thank you to my lovely group of friends that made it one not to forget and helping me survive my camping inexperience’s.

Photos from

Lounging About with James, Chris, Olly and Me!

Aqua Eight

Girl’s night…

When the Chinese loving girls get together to celebrate the second 21st of the summer, the food on our plates needed a slight up-grade from our normal sweet and sour take-away chicken balls to Ipswich’s Aqua Eight, and it didn’t disappoint.

The hidden but central Lion road location, offers a stylish and modern atmosphere perfect for its Chinese and Thai fusion food with a chic cocktail lounge.

Its popularity ensures a busy and buoyant ambience even mid-week, although hindering somewhat on service the variety and flavours of dishes soon leave visitors thankful to tuck in to the array of meat and vegetarian cuisine uninterrupted.

With a large selection of white and red wines sold by the glass, the glasses themselves were centrepieces of the table with unusual glassware being used throughout. Although to match our grown-up choice of venue, we were all on the coke, work called in the morning!

Its twist of tradition flavours worked extremely well, even if the portion sizes were on the small scale.

Our party of fours menu

Immediate Course

Aromatic Crispy Duck


Chilli and pepper Squid


Kung Pao Tempura Prawns with Daikon and Takuan Salad

Chicken Katsu with Sweet Chilli Dressing

Chicken in Yellow Bean Sauce and Pine Nuts

Honey Glazed Pork with Asparagus

Egg Fried Rice

Noodles with Beansprouts

Having the dishes served in our own order and with the added bonus of a voucher from sister noodle bar Mizu, the evening was truly enjoyable.

For reasonable prices, delicious cuisine and a great venue for dinner or special occasions Aqua Eight is a personal recommendable restaurant. Next time girls lets sample the cocktails!

Sunday Edition #2

I may be a day late but I wanted to share this Sunday Edition post with you…

As you may have heard and honestly I believe the only reason, I would have flown back from a girls holiday in Ibiza for …. A wedding! Really no choice either miss out on one or… do both!

So thank you to the newly wed couple Niamh and Adi for sharing your special day! My beautiful sister made a lovely Bridesmaid, she played her part as the Belle of the ball like a natural and not a girl who had grown up dreaming of this role for her bedsitter come great ‘big’ friend!

The couple’s happiness and love gave a real quality to this perfect day. The only day this month were the sun shone so brightly for these two, both at the lovely local church where they exchanged their vows to the bold rustic barn where guests enjoyed divine food and serious dancing.

Niamh and Adi with the Brides parents

A heartfelt Father-of-the-Bride to a hilarious five paged Bestman’s speech made treasured memories even if I didn’t win on the individual scratch cards which filled our name places.

My family- Sister Kelsey as Bridesmaid

Coming from a family of dancers (not professional I may add) the band were entertaining as well as providing hit after hit, donning different costumes to fit the genre of music they played. Inflatable guitars and Mexican sombreros were given to guests as we watched the Bride and Gloom take the stage for a second less traditional first-dance.

The entire day combined two families; with fun, simple and gorgeous elements truly one which sets my goalposts for future weddings.