on Cloud Nine…beauty review

The day most girls fear came with a bang last week… my beloved straighteners died!

Thankfully this was during my quarterly hair cut by my personal best friend hairdresser, I only trust her and being a top stylish takes about 6 months to get an appointment.

Having finally accepted the demise of my wide plated GHDs, which has been a faithful companion for the last five years. I was advised to get Cloud Nine straighteners, actually told I would be stupid not to get anything but Cloud Nines.

Having never heard of the brand, coupled with my unruly wavy and mostly unmanageable fizzy hair I was apprehensive of purchasing the newest super styler hitting the GHD saturated market.

Thanks to the power of blogs I came across this comparison table.

Available from sassybella.com

The Cloud Nine plates are made with a unique mineral that protects and nourishes hair creating a more glossy finish. Having spoken to numerous saloons there was an unconceivable consensus that Cloud Nines are the future.


Convinced, I brought my pair in Leeds as they are only available online or in the saloons themselves for around £135. This was a week since the small explosion of my GHD’s, so I was pretty desperate.

The glide and ease of the Cloud Nine is what impressed me first, being able to change the temperate (they actually reach 200c, higher than the GHD’s fixed temperate). I use mine daily, and with the knowledge that you’re not damaging your hair (as much) at the lower heats is an added feature.

I highly recommend the Cloud Nines, even having brought the wider plate version; they’re very stylish with beautiful flecks of blue magic in the plates.

Having just finished university I’m still in student mode and £135 does seem very expensive, but seeing that GHDs aren’t much less I believe they’re an investment you won’t regret. Shop around I have seen the originals advertised on Amazon for just over £100.