I’ve been so busy over the last month, but I wanted to quickly share my dissertation with you!

Honestly the weight lifted knowing this major piece of work is complete is incredible.

With my portfolio being submitted in a couple of day means, I can get round to updating my online version over the next week.

Its all nearly ending and I’m putting in the hours to make sure it exceeds even my own expectations.


Obviously I won’t be posting the full document online, but if you have any questions on ‘Whether Community Relations provide the comparable link between Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and Public Relations practice’ I’m your girl.


Final Year Portfolio Item

Today instead of being in the sun, the Leeds Met media studio has got me imprisoned, or more specifically the university’s PhotoShop has got me hooked.

As I’m putting together my final year portfolio, I’m sharing just this one item, as the full 15 will be available on my accomplishment section once I’ve compiled all the best of my PR work over the last year.

Let me know what you think, the deadline is May 1, so plenty of time for improvements…

My new A3 portfolio has a arrived, so now its mouse clicking and paper gluing time!

Pinterest: Social Media Game Changer?

Pinterest is an invite-only beta social media site that emerged early 2012 and has continued to grow by 145% in the past few months. The image-based platform allows users to collect photos, link to products they love to share all the beautiful, funny, helpful, inspiring and informative things they find on the web. Creative personalised boards within their virtual pin boards. Popular images are repined are other users to build groups of photos under assigned categories for instance ‘Dream Home’ or ‘I Heart’.

My social media must of 2012, Pinterest is set to become a huge creative network contender…

Follow my pins here http://pinterest.com/danielle1610/

Get yourself 'Repinned"


I Propose

It’s the season for that bright warm wedding, but what season isn’t perfect for a wedding?

Working for the last year, to enable me to spend this summer (my last summer) to relax, enjoy, holiday and not lift a finger, has left me instead searching for something other then being a on-call taxi; I can’t stop myself finding little projects and work to kept me busy.

So I want to share a great wedding proposal , with one of my own!

Trying to get ahead before I start my final semesters of university, I’ve also been looking seriously on where I want to be in a years time. (Seeing many of my peers finding roles which allows them to continue the lifestyle they have come accustom to, without utilising their degree)

This brings me smoothly to a proposal and opportunity I will pursue…

I had a great time putting this pictorial covering letter together on Photoshop!