Summer begins… Sunday Edition #6

Today is beautiful, and we’ve having our first BBQ of the year!

Finally get to get the summer tops out and rock the sunnies!

I’m hoping this is the start of a glorious summer, as last years will take some beating!


Ibiza 2011


Super Sunday Edition #5

Being told its ‘Super Sunday’, due to the non-stop sports being shown throughout the day has lead me to decide, maybe the best place for me is in the kitchen.

Mumma Higgins Cake Stand

Having raided my Mum’s cookery book, in search for her secret brownie recipe! My only bargaining tool was a strategic trade with ingredients to my Yorkshire pudding mixture (Oh how I love Mum’s fascination with me living in the North) so here it is American Chocolaty Goodness … I’m sure she won’t mind!

And it’s all in the spirit of the Super Bowl, of course.

Mumma’s Homemade Brownie Recipe

This is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t made millions instead of Betty Crocker…

  • 175g Melted Butter
  • 175g Brown Sugar
  • 75g Cocoa Powder
  • 75g Self-raising Flour
  • 2 Eggs

Sneaky bar of white chocolate, half to eat half for chunks

All in together beat until all combined and smooth looking, bake for 20mins in the oven at 180c

No need for baking paper a touch of butter on your tray will do the trick.

Chill to room temperature and cut to biteable portions.

With all this baking I think a pizza order is on the cards, well that is the best way to enjoy living the American Dream.

Next Year’s Christmas Turkey with a twist! Actually… With bells on!

This year I was given the huge responsibility of preparing and cooking Christmas dinner; even with an Eve night’s hangover it was I have to say a success! I wanted to share this recipe… I think apt for my first recipe post about my cooking!

Whilst gathering ideas about how to make this year Christmas dinner truly special I trolled through cookery sites, watch endless at home with… and asked the advise of chef friends, I came across this recipe….

So Thank You, Jamie’s Christmas with bells on!

Christmas Turkey Wellington

  •  One Turkey Beast (with there only being four of us for Christmas, it’s a perfect way to avoid preparing whole turkey with hours of cooking)
  • Pot of cranberry jam
  • 600g of mushrooms
  • 6 rashes of smoked streaky bacon
  • 6cm of chorizo
  • 2 packets of ready rolled puff pastry
  • Fresh thyme and rosemary

With the preparation all done Christmas Eve, this relieves the stress of cooking on the day and gives way more time to enjoy all of Santa’s deliveries.

Christmas Eve mid-morning

Stage One

Place turkey on a baking tray cut incision to create a pocket, in which to stuff the turkey with cranberry sauce. Rub fresh rosemary over breast, and pull fold together and secure with cocktail sticks.

Cook for 70 mins at 180c

Stage Two

Crop 600g of mushrooms and fry in the pan with the remaining bacon fat, cook until soft with a nob of butter.

Roughly cut 6 rashes of bacon and the chorizo fry with olive oil, as beginning to brown throw in a handful of fresh thyme, toss until crispy.

Blend mushroom into paste and leave with bacon to chill.

Christmas Eve afternoon

Stage Three

When all the ingredients are cold, it’s time for pastry.

Unfold the packet pastry (Don’t make my mistake it doesn’t need rolling!) plenty of flour place the turkey breast on half the mushroom paste to form a bed.

Cover the remaining paste and sprinkle with bacon bits.

Use the second pastry packet to wrap the wellington together folding the pastry under the bird.

Brush egg yolk wash over the top and place in fridge till the morning…


All your centrepiece needs is 70mins in the oven at 180c…. Done!

There's my bird!

Cranberry Ooozing Centre

I hope Christmas was fully packed and after this meal your tummy will be too!

The moment I wake up…

Before I put on my make-up…

Finally a Sunday edition on a Sunday! As my favourite film is currently on TV, this Sunday is really becoming my perfect afternoon.

The Way You Look Tonight

In honour of the 1997 Julia Roberts classic “My Best Friend’s Wedding” I say a little pray for you… I wanted to bring you another of my wedding inspirations, one which I’ve been following for about 5 years and a true source of bridal beauty. Snippet and Ink’s blog has established itself as the ultimate daily blog for all things lovely.

Having fallen in love with Kathryn’s inspiration boards which continue to set and inspire my creativity with each tiny detail being of such a high standard. My only slight obsession for wedding photograph has grown with every ‘real wedding’ which has been posted over the years.

Snippet and Ink has become a part of wedding vocabulary and such lovely way to share great themes, stunning photography and so many stories from beautiful couples on their big days. find a link on my featured blog roll on the left of Sixteen10’s home page.

Until next time, D x

Sunday Edition #2

I may be a day late but I wanted to share this Sunday Edition post with you…

As you may have heard and honestly I believe the only reason, I would have flown back from a girls holiday in Ibiza for …. A wedding! Really no choice either miss out on one or… do both!

So thank you to the newly wed couple Niamh and Adi for sharing your special day! My beautiful sister made a lovely Bridesmaid, she played her part as the Belle of the ball like a natural and not a girl who had grown up dreaming of this role for her bedsitter come great ‘big’ friend!

The couple’s happiness and love gave a real quality to this perfect day. The only day this month were the sun shone so brightly for these two, both at the lovely local church where they exchanged their vows to the bold rustic barn where guests enjoyed divine food and serious dancing.

Niamh and Adi with the Brides parents

A heartfelt Father-of-the-Bride to a hilarious five paged Bestman’s speech made treasured memories even if I didn’t win on the individual scratch cards which filled our name places.

My family- Sister Kelsey as Bridesmaid

Coming from a family of dancers (not professional I may add) the band were entertaining as well as providing hit after hit, donning different costumes to fit the genre of music they played. Inflatable guitars and Mexican sombreros were given to guests as we watched the Bride and Gloom take the stage for a second less traditional first-dance.

The entire day combined two families; with fun, simple and gorgeous elements truly one which sets my goalposts for future weddings.

Sunday Edition #1

I always feel the pressure of the first post…

It’s been two weeks since I created my latest WordPress site, and I’ve been using nearly every minute of my spare time trying to make it both professional and personal.

It’s funny how as my journey into the public relations world has proceeded, I’ve become more in tune with how everything you write could open opportunities or discredit career prospects. I wanted to showcase my last blog before continuing to development this portfolio of ideas and evidence. At the time I was so proud of my 14 posts and each still give me inspiration even a year on.

Being my first post to begin this decade I thought it was apt to use this photo again as a homage to the millions on blogs that go by the way side as life takes centre stage…

The first image; a photo that I wanted to share as a starting point which really illustrates my own taste in art and photography and how I wanted to leave my first post of the new decade is this gorgeous, feminine photo captured by the amazing Bert Stein of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe saying “Here’s to You”