Next Year’s Christmas Turkey with a twist! Actually… With bells on!

This year I was given the huge responsibility of preparing and cooking Christmas dinner; even with an Eve night’s hangover it was I have to say a success! I wanted to share this recipe… I think apt for my first recipe post about my cooking!

Whilst gathering ideas about how to make this year Christmas dinner truly special I trolled through cookery sites, watch endless at home with… and asked the advise of chef friends, I came across this recipe….

So Thank You, Jamie’s Christmas with bells on!

Christmas Turkey Wellington

  •  One Turkey Beast (with there only being four of us for Christmas, it’s a perfect way to avoid preparing whole turkey with hours of cooking)
  • Pot of cranberry jam
  • 600g of mushrooms
  • 6 rashes of smoked streaky bacon
  • 6cm of chorizo
  • 2 packets of ready rolled puff pastry
  • Fresh thyme and rosemary

With the preparation all done Christmas Eve, this relieves the stress of cooking on the day and gives way more time to enjoy all of Santa’s deliveries.

Christmas Eve mid-morning

Stage One

Place turkey on a baking tray cut incision to create a pocket, in which to stuff the turkey with cranberry sauce. Rub fresh rosemary over breast, and pull fold together and secure with cocktail sticks.

Cook for 70 mins at 180c

Stage Two

Crop 600g of mushrooms and fry in the pan with the remaining bacon fat, cook until soft with a nob of butter.

Roughly cut 6 rashes of bacon and the chorizo fry with olive oil, as beginning to brown throw in a handful of fresh thyme, toss until crispy.

Blend mushroom into paste and leave with bacon to chill.

Christmas Eve afternoon

Stage Three

When all the ingredients are cold, it’s time for pastry.

Unfold the packet pastry (Don’t make my mistake it doesn’t need rolling!) plenty of flour place the turkey breast on half the mushroom paste to form a bed.

Cover the remaining paste and sprinkle with bacon bits.

Use the second pastry packet to wrap the wellington together folding the pastry under the bird.

Brush egg yolk wash over the top and place in fridge till the morning…


All your centrepiece needs is 70mins in the oven at 180c…. Done!

There's my bird!

Cranberry Ooozing Centre

I hope Christmas was fully packed and after this meal your tummy will be too!