I’ve been so busy over the last month, but I wanted to quickly share my dissertation with you!

Honestly the weight lifted knowing this major piece of work is complete is incredible.

With my portfolio being submitted in a couple of day means, I can get round to updating my online version over the next week.

Its all nearly ending and I’m putting in the hours to make sure it exceeds even my own expectations.


Obviously I won’t be posting the full document online, but if you have any questions on ‘Whether Community Relations provide the comparable link between Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and Public Relations practice’ I’m your girl.


Final Year Portfolio Item

Today instead of being in the sun, the Leeds Met media studio has got me imprisoned, or more specifically the university’s PhotoShop has got me hooked.

As I’m putting together my final year portfolio, I’m sharing just this one item, as the full 15 will be available on my accomplishment section once I’ve compiled all the best of my PR work over the last year.

Let me know what you think, the deadline is May 1, so plenty of time for improvements…

My new A3 portfolio has a arrived, so now its mouse clicking and paper gluing time!

#febphotoaday Instagram 01.02.12

Happy first of Feb!

Having officially moved into the Leeds Met Civic Library, I’ve been busy trying to make a start on my last semesters assignments and the dreaded dissertation, can’t quite believe university will be over in a matter of months.

So to combine a ‘Photo of the Week’ and begin the challenge of #febphotoaday I wanted to share with you my first photo- ‘your view today’ which has actually also been my view for the last month.


The challenge launched by @fatmumslim  over the iPhone application Instagram, the photo-sharing social network which allows its 15 million users to take photos, apply filters and effects to them and then share their shots with their Instagram followers, or on Twitter or Facebook.

February Photo A Day Challenge

Instagram’s popularity is set to soar as Windows7 is interest in offering the interactive platform, being developed for the latest android phones. For now the iPhone exclusivity is only one factor which makes the Instagram craze grow fast becoming the largest mobile social network.

Here is just one of my favourites to become my ‘Photo of the Week #3’… you can find other uploads by following me on Twitter @Danielle1610


A week in the life of…

Being back to my adopted city of Leeds, for the awaited house move resulted in a week without access to the internet and my social media connections. So this post will include my daily diary, reviews and moments which describe how special my second home is to me.


Travelling to and from Leeds over the last three years always gives me time to read, draw and reflect on whether I’m travelling along the right track of life. Having spent the longest period away from the city in the last year my excited grew as I nearer the last stretch of the journey!

Although as I walked through the door of my home of two years I felt a sense of sadness, preparing for the goodbye of great friends and the walls which hold so many treasured memories was one I hadn’t fully prepared myself for.

Of course we Estcourt Ladies could only leave on a high of laughs, food and cocktails; walking the short distance we reached Citrus, Headingley. Although our previously high expectations were met with poor service, food and a clear lack of unmanaged staff, the French Martini at Trio soon picked up our spirits before the teary fair wells began as my gorgeous housemates parted, leaving only two!

Risotto or just boiled rice?



Finding the perfect 21st birthday present tends to be tricky especially when the best friend has no clue, but when your Sister’s birthday falls on the same day, it makes it all the more challenging. So supplies of paper, photos, and jewellery were purchase for more scrapbooking fun!

To reward the major new flat shopping, we had a trip to watch the new Transformers 3 film. If you’re a fan of the last three you won’t be disappointed. The 3D affects were fantastic  even with the 3 hours of bum numbing it was gripping, entertaining and featured the best bumblebee.


Spending months collecting and hoarding unnecessary but useful items, made it difficult to reduce my worldly processions into an amount which could be transported to the new pad. The obsessive cleaning reached a new level when the oven was dismantled (see the screwdriver is an essential, girls) oven pride is a strong recommendation to any student who hasn’t wiped the insides of the oven for two years.

Cleaning madness


Last sleep at Estcourt Avenue


The morning of the move, included some very strange looks as we turned up to hire the van for the day! Asking the question: “Who’s driving?” and me raise my hand, made the entire hire company gather on the pavement to watch me pull away!

Leeds Car Rentals


And what fun I had, even making a trip into the centre of Leeds (Not normally something I would have done in my normal car) as apparently word got out I would generously move everyone’s sofas, fridges and boxes around, before getting new keys of our own!

We were shocked at the great condition our Victoria Court Mews flat was in when we opened the door for the first time, unloading the van of mountains of bags and boxes for the turn to the anxious van mans.

Only way to celebrate, Champaign, Chinese and tequila…


Its unbelievable how quickly a house becomes a home and with the first full day finished, here is the postcard for the last remaining element… one more flatmate! (No ideas which sofa she’ll sit on as the other two have been taken!)


With the flat to myself I began three canvases for the main living room wall, I might show you when they are completed.

Wow it really was a week of firsts, watching the boxing match, Haye v Klitschko the number of men watching the big fight was amazing and me and my friend watched the guys instead of the two in the ring unable to swing that all important knock out!


My favourite time of year: Wimbledon final, Pimms in hand and beautiful sun shining down on centre court. In Leeds saw the last day of the Leeds Love Food festival, I was delighted to see so many of Leeds cafes, restaurants and local suppliers were offering the best dishes and drinks. Even if Millennium Squares big screen was showing live cooking demonstrations, instead of the great Djokovic win against Nadal! I just love seeing that pineapple on top of the Wimbledon trophy!


With my week coming to an end cheeky last bit of Leeds shopping was on the cards. After months and months of passing the Appy feet, in The Light I decided to finally get my feet nibbled. It wasn’t at all what I had expected, feeling like power jets on your skin the fish socks isn’t an experience I want to do again. (Feet did feel super smooth though)

Finally I enjoyed a Zizzi meal with my lovely flatmate; we just can’t get another of those tomato mussels. And as always a bottle of wine to finish the night and the week!

Until next time x

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

Over the last three years I have made such a beautiful group of friends, a mismatched family brought together from all walks of life with a shared experience, that is finally coming to an end!

University was one of the best decisions for me to grow, stretch my wings and dip my toe in the pond of life. Saying goodbye was one I hadn’t quite grasped seeing as I have another full year of study, but the time has come to wish farewell to those that have recently graduated.

With this also marking my last week at Different PR, I can’t imagine that my body clock won’t wake me bright and early every morning throughout the summer.

I wanted to post a quick and simple Thank You to all those special people in both work and play-that have shaped my time. I couldn’t have done it with out you all, and will treasure all the memories you have given me along the way.

If you blinked, you missed it!